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Tony is an experienced security consultant with a broad experience in computer security, communications, messaging and financial applications.  Tony has experience both as a team leader and project manager within  the public and private sectors.  Tony has a strong background in management specializing in Identity Management, Biometrics, PKI, digital certificates and Smart Cards providing secure solutions for e-commerce. Tony has developed policies, ISO security standards and have been involved in accrediting to WebTrust and ISO27001.

Tony Seymour, experienced Strategy Consultant


An accomplished Blockchain Technologist with over 6 years of experience leading blockchain research and development projects and teams. Dedicated, detail-oriented, creative, resourceful, analytical, and knowledgeable with extensive regulatory knowledge of EU GDPR and other consumer market Laws. 8 years of experience leading software projects including CRM, Mobile applications and API’s development.


 Muhammad is EX - Head of Blockchain development of “Activeledger” an open source blockchain platform for Businesses to integrate distributed ledger system into their technology. As a Head of Blockchain R &D delivered projects based on permissioned and permissionless blockchainincluding hyperledger, Activeledger, Quorum and ethereum.

Ph.D. in Blockchain: GDPR complaint model for Data governance and Control

Engaged in PhD from Surrey university with a focus on  developing a decentralized framework for personal data sharing, control and governance. 

A user-centered model for personal and commercially sensitive data control. Linking data and creating a unique identifier that can be used and reuse by the ecosystem stakeholders under the contextual consent of the data subject. This research will also enable the regulator to be part of the network for compliance and monitoring purposes.

The smart contract will be adopted as a tool of governance under GDPR compliance supported by public/private key infrastructure for the transfer of data between different organizations.

A functional network will be developed for identity management (A ledger for identity transaction and management of private keys) and sharing across the sector and cross the border (A separate ledger for data governance integrated with the identity ledger) supported by smart contract governance deployed on the network. Enabling the data subject and organization to control usage rights about data sharing and minimizing the negative consequences



Muhammad Tanoli, Blockchain Consultant