Welcome to the Wychwood Consulting Limited web-site!


Wychwood Consulting Limited provides advice on:

  • Strategic and technical consultancy services in the CBDC, Blockchain, Cyber Security and Green Energy Sectors
  • Sales strategy and execution
  • Business cases for products and markets
  • Sectoral specialities:
    • Identity Management Schemes
    • Smart Cards (Contact and Contactless) and RFID
    • Near Field Communications and IOT
    • PKI, encryption technology and IT Security products
    • Central Bank / Digital Currency / Stablecoin
    • Blockchain
    • Tidal energy

Wychwood Consulting Limited can bridge the gap between technology and commercial operations by providing a cross section of skills. We can also help you with complex public sector OGC and OJEU procurements.


Our Consultants and Associates come from technology or system integrator market leaders.


Wychwood Consulting Limited is based in Hook, Hampshire. We apply our unique blend of expertise and know-how to enhance your business.



Unique solutions for your business

No two businesses are the same, yet the basic principles that support your activities probably are. We can offer commercial support with the right sales methodologies and techniques to support your business operations. We can also offer technical support with a strong commercial understanding to reflect the specific needs of your company. That's why Wychwood Consulting Limited offers tailored solutions.


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Leave Sales to us and get down to business

No sales tools in place? Need help planning your Sales budget? Not enough resources to develop new methodologies? You've come to the right place!


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